Simple tips to get better:My friend’s interview

That day was Monday August 27 2018 8:05 in evening,I started asking my friend on her tips on how to be beautiful and I’m asked her to tell me about her experienced in life she says to me that she had many experience’s but its no value so I asked her about beauty tips instead about her life because my friend is really

Thre are three products that she used:

Silka Papaya is a soap that gently whitens skin due to one of its main ingredients, papaya enzymes. The vitamin E it contains helps soften skin and make it look younger. The soap features a fruity fragrance and comes in the form of an orange colored round bar of soap.

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Lewis & Pearl

“Sets you free with tact fresh feeling all day”

It has up to 8-hour oil control to keep shine at bay, is mildly scented for long-lasting freshness, and acts as a sunscreen to protect skin from the sun’s darkening UV rays. Lewis & Pearl Powder in White Blush, Rose & Lily, and Jasmine Garden.
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Maybeline Lipbalm

Our moisturizing lip balm will heal and sooth dry or chapped lips. Try tinted lip balms for a pretty protective tint of color or save your pout from the sun with our SPF lip balmproducts.
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“cold girl”



I’m cold,yes,but because that’s what they see

I’ts hard to show my real emotions

They think that i do not care about other people but they’re wrong

My teatment is cold but my mood warms because of many emotions i have

They hate me because of my behavior,why do you care

They called me”cold girl”and i hate it when they say it to me

They just know my name,actions but not the story behind my true identity.